The new iPad –just change for the user experience

summary: the release of the new iPad, not even a new name, which makes individuals who stay up overdue to watch for Apple new ipad disenchanted. This disappointment from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS, the iPhone four to the iphone fourS, we will be able to have hardly ever see the adaptation among them. How ever, the disenchanted apple lovers would not have hesitate to enter the apple retailer.

All adjustments are simply to beef up the consumer enjoy

For users, the iPad can carry the most productive laptop enjoy, equivalent to coping with mail, internet browsing, reading books, newspapers, or even play video games. “Tim prepare dinner, said on the press convention when so Tim and his group within the eyes (after all that they had been known as the group of Steve Jobs), the consumer can in reality see and touch things more essential than looks bluffing.

New iPad six upgrade and 3 issues to keep

so as to beef up the consumer enjoy, the new iPad to do six upgrades and 3 issues to handle the upgrade is vital, however the fee and standby time is the actual valuable. in fact, precisely in order to make certain the consumer enjoy with out hardware upgrades cut price, Apple may be forced to extend the thickness and weight of the new technology of the iPad.

support the display – 20four8 x 1five36 answer retinal reveal

processor performance – a new AfiveX new twin-core CPU, and X represents a 4-fold symbol processing performance, however performance beef upments are most commonly offset by the reveal answer upgrade;

Video recording capability to enhance – five00 megapixel iSight digital camera, again-illuminated sensor, excellent results

Voice input – now toughens three-accented English in the united states and Australia, in addition to French, eastern and German. word, iPad has only a voice input, slightly than toughen Siri.

network functions – assist for LTE

portable device for Mac – Upgrade iMovie and garage Band, however essentially the most worth citing that iPhoto

Three issues to keep – and iPad2 principally the same shape, the same worth and standby time

1, the total shape – we will be able to not see the large difference among ipad the ipad 2 and the new ipad. If we positioned them together, we are simple to get wrong, it looks like the adaptation among four and fourS.

2, the fee – disenchanted as the price of ipad 2 when it’s released, WIFI model of the 16GB $ fourninenine 32GB $ fiveninenine, 6fourGB $ 6ninenine; fourG model of the 16GB sixty twonine $, 32GB 72nine $, 6fourGB eighty twonine.

3, standby time – to handle 10 hours of battery existence (fourG network nine hours), to ennce the relution 4 times for 10 hours of standbtime, batty capability should build up a lot.

more intensive reading for ipad: transfer tune from ipad to computer, ipad to mac transfer

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